Customise your Walls

Currently switches are not a design feature. Titiantouch makes them into one.

Our touchplates allow you to customise you walls by allowing you to choose your colours, coatings and matterials so you can integrate them with your interior design.


Choose your surface treatment

Match your interior decor and finishes with our professional coatings. Our durable paint finishes include gloss or matt.

Pick your metal to suit the environment. Choose brass with weather patina or stainless steel for extreme environments. Then finish your metal touchplate with polished, brushed or satin.


Love colour?

Rich color options are a major feature of our touchplates. There are 26 basic colors. If you have a soft spot for a specific color, we can match it.


We cutomise to suit your needs.

Our designers and electricians

Our team team of architects and designers created this system to fulfill their desire to make walls more interesting.

Then our electricians and engineers met the challenge of making a stable and safe capacitive touch system.

Touchplate Collections